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Ready to Schedule a Head Shot Session? 

Which style of Head Shot best suits YOU?

There’s actually an art that goes into capturing the perfect head shot for each client. There are many factors to consider when deciding how and where to capture the client’s head shot. Some head shots are captured in our studio using one of our various color backdrops, while some can take our session to some various locations.

A head shot is a reflection of YOU and YOUR BRAND. Head shots can be inviting, yet serious and can instinctively set the tone for your future interactions with prospective clients. That is why once you book me as your head shot photographer, we’ll consult over the best look that suits you.

I’m going to break your head shot styles down into three main categories and give examples of each.

: the  In-Studio  Head Shot


The in-studio headshot sometimes seen as the most simple and practical head shot approach.  During our in-studio session, we'll discuss the look you're going for. I can adjust lighting for you for a more traditional head shot setup, however most corporate clients typically care for a dramatic lighting set up with their portraiture to make the image appear more distinguished.  

Our in-studio headshots can last up thirty minutes depending on how many looks you may want to pull off.

We're very aware and considerate of some of our corporate client's demanding schedules, so we will have lighting and backdrop gear already set-up when you arrive so your session can be completed in less than 5 to 7 minutes if necessary.

The  On-Location  Head Shot :

Most Healthcare and Corporate clients prefer a head shot that’s centered within their working environment. During these sessions, we would arrive ahead of our scheduled session, survey the location for various spots that we feel are the best option for our client. We would aim for quickly yet effectively capture a sequence of shots at those locations so the client would have options to choose from.

: The  Dramatic  Head Shot

This style of Professional Head Shot has become a growing trend over the past few years, especially within the entertainment industry.  A lot of actors, media personalities, and even professionals are attached to this look.  It’s professional yet sleek and offers a more modern approach to head shots.  The dramatic head shot is meant to appear more engaging and the background is typically very blurry, as we’re shooting at a lower f-stop.

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