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Service Thread

Service Thread is a global leader in developing and manufacturing engineered yarns and threads. They help industrial manufacturers solve material availability and textile processing challenges by sharing our knowledge, global supply chain partnerships and advanced processing techniques.

Service Thread is one of the fastest, if not the fastest growing industries in Scotland County. Over the past decade, they successfully shifted their focus from majority resell and distribution of yarns to high level production and sales. COO Jay Todd stated that part of Service Thread's business model was to find ways to make their product better and improve the overall experience for their customers. Integrity of yarns is very important within their industry and Service Thread has invests millions of dollars into technology and education to propel their company as not only a leader in fabric, but an industry standard.


The technique of producing yarns with specs that clients need have been revolutionized and perfected. The need for targeted marketing and branding has been the main focus of Service Thread.



Over the past year (2018 to present), photography and video have been captured to help promote their premium brand. We've produced photography, instructional videos, blog contents and their new branding spot ad (featured above).


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